Reginald and Evelyn Gipps's children

Sir Reginald and Evelyn Gipps had three children who lived in The Sycamores:

Evelyn Louisa Gipps (daughter born 1890)
Reginald Nigel Gipps (son born 1892)
George Lancelot Gipps (son, born 1893)

Evelyn Louisa Romer (née Gipps)

1913: The engagement of Evelyn Louisa Gipps, General Gipps's daughter and Malcolm Romer was announced in The Times © on Thursday, Dec 04, 1913.

April 1914: The marriage was recorded in The Times © on Wednesday, Apr 15, 1914.

The Times © on Wednesday, Apr 15, 1914


Evelyn and Malcolm's first home in 1914 to 1916 was at 2 Hans Cresent, Chelsea. From 1917 to around 1920 they lived in 2 Eaton Place in London. From around 1924 to 1930 they lived in The Knoll, Boro' Green, Kent. From 1934 up to 1937 they moved to Berkshire - Winkfield manor. Up to and through WW II, Evelyn and Malcolm lived at Binfield Court, Binfield near Bracknell Berkshire. In 1947 they moved to New Kinord house, Dinnet 40 miles west of Aberdeen in Scotland. By 1959 they moved south again by buying Lovel Hill in Windsor Forest. The house seems to have passed to their son, Malcolm Nigel Romer upon Evelyn's death in 1963 (Source: British Phone Books, 1880-1984).

Winkfield manor (Copyright The
Ruth Timbrell Collection © circa 1920s)
  Lovel Hill house in Windsor Forest  


1962: Colonel Malcolm Romer died in the 3rd quarter of 1962 in Windsor area.

1963: Evelyn Louisa Romer died in the 1st quarter of 1962 in Windsor area.

The Times ©, Saturday, Feb 02, 1963

1940: Malcolm and Evelyn's first son, George Gipps Romer:

The Times ©, Monday, Aug 19, 1940

1915 - 1977: Malcolm and Evelyn's second son, Malcolm Nigel Romer:

The Times ©, Wednesday, Jan 29, 1947

The Times ©, Friday, Apr 11, 1947

The Times ©, Tuesday, Jun 07, 1977

The Times ©, Monday, Jun 13, 1977

* * *

Cecilia Virginia Vivienne  Romer
died in November 1996
aged 80

Reginald Nigel Gipps

Reginald Nigel Gipps aged 21 in 1913 at The Sycamores
(Photo taken by Malcolm Romer, future husband to Reginald's Sister Evelyn.

November 1914: on 7th November 1914 Reginald Nigel was killed at Ypres. His war memorial  (No known grave) can be seen on the Commonwealth War Grave Commission's web site and on Find a Grave. Reginald Nigel Gipps gave his sister Evelyn away in marriage the previous June as seen above.

Below is a photo of the Gipps Memorial located inside the Victoria Road cemetery chapel in Farnborough [Credit: Jo Gosney]. Unfortunately, this chapel is under a threat of demolitions and a local historian Arthur Lunn has been campaigning to save it for a number of years.

George Lancelot Gipps

January 26th 1914: Reginald Nigel Gipps's younger brother, George Lancelot Gipps, was killed in an unfortunate airplane accident on January 26th 1914 while training in a dual control Bristol monoplane trainer on Salisbury plain.



Below is a photo of the Gipps Memorial located inside the Victoria Road cemetery chapel in Farnborough [Credit: Jo Gosney].


This is George's grave in Victoria Road cemetery.

The Times ©, Saturday, Mar 14, 1914

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