Malcolm and Evelyn Romer's houses

Malcolm and Evelyn lived in some elegant mansions during their married life - I have to say I'm quite envious! Here they are starting with 2 Hans Crescent, London where they moved to after selling The Sycamores in 1915. We're not sure which of these houses were rented and which were bought.

To 1914: Sycamore House, Farnborough Hampshire

This was Evelyn's home until she married in 1914.

1914 - 1916: 2 Hans Crescent, Chelsea

Evelyn and Malcolm's first home in 1914 to 1916.

2 Hans Cresent

The leasehold of the house was transferred to Malcolm Romer on the 5th May 1914 after their marriage in April 1914 according to the London Gazette

1916 - 1919: 2 Eaton Place

From 1917 to around 1920 they lived in 2 Eaton Place in London.

2 Eaton Place

1920 - 1931: Addington Manor, Kettering Northamptonshire

Addington manor

1931 - 1933: Clopton Manor, Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Clopton manor

1933 - 1937: Winkfield Manor, Buckinghamshire

Winkfield manor, Bracknell Forest

1937 - 1939: Tornwood (location currently unknown)

1940 - 1947: Binfield Court, Nr Bracknell, Berkshire

Up to and through WW II, Evelyn and Malcolm lived at Binfield Court, Binfield near Bracknell Berkshire.

1947 - 1958 (est): New Kinnord House, Dinnet, Aberdeenshire Scotland

In 1947 they moved to New Kinord house, Dinnet 40 miles west of Aberdeen in Scotland next to Loch Kinord.

Photo Credit: David Rush: Scottish Natural Heritage

1959 - 1963: Lovel Hill, Windsor Forest

By 1959 they moved south again by buying Lovel Hill in Windsor Forest. The house seems to have passed to their son, Malcolm Nigel Romer upon Evelyn's death in 1963 (Source: British Phone Books, 1880-1984).

Lovel Hill house in Windsor Forest